Caz McLennan

Carolyn (Caz) McLennan

Project Officer, Humanities

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I commenced my employment with Museums Victoria in 1993 and have worked in a number of areas over the decades, including Customer Service, the Children's Museum (i.e. at the Museum's former location on Swanston Walk) the former Human, Mind and Body Department and the former Humanities Department.  Most recently I provided Admin support to our new First Peoples Department over a six month period.

I now work for the Arts Department, established in early 2018, providing Project and Administration support to the Deputy Director, Arts and her team of Collection Managers and Curators who look after and help to grow and interpret our History & Technology and our Indigenous Collections.

In addition to processing accounts, helping to track down assets, coordinating meetings, coordinating briefings and ordering stores and equipment, duties have included assisting with interviews, include providing project support for a Museum Public Lecture Series, Being a meeting Room manager and Events Coordinator, along with helping to sort out accommodation for new staff and relocating staff.


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