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Hannah Perkins

Collection Manager, History & Technology

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I look after objects in the history and technology collection, making sure they’re catalogued, stored, and transported in a way that ensures their preservation. Currently I’m occupied with the Clothing and Textiles collection, rehousing the newly-acquired Jenny Bannister fashion archive. Otherwise I’m reconfiguring our storage areas to allow for continued growth, opportunity, and interpretation, and coordinating access for exhibitions and public programs, in particular the monthly Nocturnal series.

I started at Museums Victoria in 2013 as an Assistant Collection Manager and Curator on the Kodak Heritage Collection before moving into my current role. My background is in Australian/Pacific historical studies and historiography. My honours thesis centred on historical narrative in museum labelling, which led to volunteer work at the Queensland Museum, which in turn led to paid work in their history and technology collections. Since I made the move to Victoria, I’ve embraced its thriving culture and rich history.


Bachelor Arts (Honours) – First Class, Queensland University of Technology, 2008-2009

Bachelor of  Arts (Society and Change)/Bachelor of Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary), Queensland University of Technology, 2004-2008

Projects and events


Nocturnal – History & Technology Coordinator


Kinsey, F. & Perkins, H. ‘Echoes of Industry: Tracing The Evolution of Kodak Australasia Through Its Oral and Visual Record’, AHA Conference, From Boom To Bust, Federation University, Ballarat, 4-8 July 2016.

'Products of the History Factory: Community engagement and the museum backlog', Museum and Gallery Services Queensland State Conference, August 2011, Mackay, Queensland.

'Curatorial How-To Roundtable', This Is Not Art Festival, October 2009, Newcastle, New South Wales.

'Picturing the Pacific in the Queenslander', AHA Regional Conference 2009, Constructing the Past, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 30 June–3 July 2009. 

Professional memberships

Australasian Registrar’s Committee

Museums & Galleries Australia

Australian Garden History Society


Perkins, H, Quanchi, M. & Rose, S. (eds) 2010 . Topics from Oceania: Units for Junior Secondary School History - A SPINF/TTPF/AAAPS/PHA Publication.

Perkins, H. Quanchi, M.  2010. 'To the Islands – Photographs of Tropical Colonies in The Queenslander', History Compass, Volume 8; Issue 1, pp11-31.  

Perkins, H. 'Talking Tapa: Pacifika Bark Cloth in Queensland' Ex Plus Ultra, Volume 1. Sep 2009.

Perkins, H. 2009. A Review of 'Talking Tapa' - A Travelling Exhibition of Cultural Stories, Social Alternatives, Vol 28, No 4. p 55-57.

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