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Collection Manager, Marine Invertebrates

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My scientific career started at the Museum in 1993, as an honours student studying crustacean taxonomy and it was during this project that my passion for marine crustaceans was ignited.  I went on to complete my PhD at the Museum and also worked in the Museum’s 'Crustacea Section' as a research assistant and collection manager.

After spending time as post-doc at the South Australian Museum and then as the Senior Curator of Invertebrate Zoology at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, I returned to Museums Victoria in 2013 as one of the collection managers, in the Marine Invertebrates Section.

Working in the Museum has provided me with a vast range of opportunities and one of my favourites are the Museum’s biodiversity surveys or 'Bioscans'.  During the Bioscans we get the chance to show people some of the amazing animals that can be found in their local environment and they are often surprised to learn that new marine species are regularly found in Victorian waters!


PhD, The University of Melbourne, 2003

Projects and events


ABRS Bush Blitz taxonomy grant, 2016–17


Amphipod Identification, Taichung, Taiwan, 2017


The South China Sea Science Conference, Taiwan May, 2017  - paper presented, Amphipods of the South China Sea – what we know so far.


Mallacoota Bush Blitz, 2016

Gippsland Lakes Bioscan, 2015

Conference organiser

The 17th Conference of the International Bryozoology Association, Melbourne, 2016


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