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Chris Rowley

Collection Manager, Marine Invertebrates

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I am a member of the Collection Management group responsible for managing the museum’s collection of invertebrate fauna and associated data. My responsibilities cover a diverse collection of fauna including molluscs, echinoderms, crustaceans, worms, sponges and jellyfish. Contrary to the name, the ‘Marine Invertebrate Collection’ also includes significant holdings of freshwater and terrestrial invertebrates.

I have worked at Museum’s Victoria since 1984 where I was initially employed as a Preparator on a dinosaur replication project. At the conclusion of the project I was retained to work in a variety of roles in Natural Sciences and Public Programs. In 1988 I was appointed as a Technical Assistant in the Invertebrate Zoology Dept., which has led to my current position as a Collection Manager.

As a Collection Manager, I am interested in documenting the fauna of south-eastern Australia, and in particular the distribution of both native and introduced non-marine molluscs (snails and slugs). I have participated in a wide range of field surveys and have been a contributing author on a number of survey reports.

I also have a keen interest in photography and have contributed images towards a number of scientific publications.


Ass.Dip.App.Sci. (Lab.Tech.), Swinburne University, 1995

Key publications

The Murray Expolored Bioscan report, 2016 (Co-author – Terrestrial Invertebrates – Molluscs)

Alps Bioscan report, 2013 (Author – Terrestrial Invertebreates (Molluscs)

Bush Blitz – Ned’s Corner Station report, 2012 (Co-author – Terrestrial Gastropods)

Melbourne’s Wildlife: A field guide to the fauna of Greater Melbourne, CSIRO Publishing, 2006 (Chapter Author –  Snails & Slugs)

Projects and events

2019: ‘Otways Bioscan’ Discovery Day, Wye River, Vic.

2018: ‘SPNCH’ Conference, Dunedin, NZ

2017: ‘Research value of historic wet specimens’ seminar – National Museum of Australia, Canberra.

2016: ‘Murray Explored Bioscan’ – Gannawarra Shire, Vic.

2015: ‘Gippsland Lakes Bioscan’- Nyerimilang Heritage Park/Colquhoun Regional Park, Vic.

2013: ‘Alps Bioscan’ – Alpine National Park, Vic.

2012: ‘Grampians Bioscan’ – Grampians National Park, Vic.

2012: ‘Bunurong Marine Park’ Survey– Inverloch, Vic.

2011: ‘Bush Blitz’ – Ned’s Corner Station, Vic.

2011: ‘Bush Blitz’ – Lake Condah, Vic.

2005: Development & installation of ‘Marine’ exhibition

1999: River Red Gum Project – Moira Forest, NSW

1996: Marine Invertebrate Survey - Malloolabar-Fraser Is. area, in association with Qld. Dept. of Primary Industries - Southern Fisheries Centre.

1995: ‘Horn Centennial Expedition’, West Macdonnell & Finke River Gorge Nat. Parks, NT

1994: Preparation & installation of 'Oceans of life' Exhibition.

1994: ‘SLOPE Survey’ - Southern Australian Continental Shelf, CSIRO RV 'Franklin'.

1993: Bivalve ‘type’ image capture - South Australian Museum, Adelaide.

1993: Terrestrial Invertebrate Fauna Survey - Errinundra National Park, Vic.

1991: 'Giant Gippsland Earthworm' Survey – Loch, Vic

1989: Natural Sciences Multi-disciplinary Field Program – Mallacoota, Vic.

1987: Installation of ‘Dinosaur' exhibition - Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston, Tas.

1984: Dinosaur Replication Project


Images contributed to

Melanie Mackenzie & Emily Whitfield, 2011
An overview of the Australian psolid sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Psolidae) with the description of 5 new species.
Zootaxa  3037: 21–36

P. Mark O’loughlin, John Eichler, Leon Altoff, Audrey Falconer, Melanie Mackenzie, Emily Whitfield, Chris Rowley, 2009
Observations of reproductive strategies for some dendrochirotid holothuroids (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Dendrochirotida)
Memoirs of Museum Victoria 66: 215–220

Mark O’loughlin, 2009
New asterinid species from Africa and Australia (Echinodermata: Asteroidea:Asterinidae)
Memoirs of Museum Victoria 66: 203–213 (2009)

Mark O’loughlin, 2009
BANZARE holothuroids (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea)
Zootaxa  2196: 1–18

Mark O’loughlin, M. Eugenia Manjón-Cabeza & Francina Moya Ruiz, 2009.
Antarctic holothuroids from the Bellingshausen Sea, with descriptions of new species (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea)
Zootaxa  2016: 1–16

Mark O’loughlin & Dragica Maric, 2008
Australian species of Psolidium Ludwig (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Psolidae)
Memoirs of Museum Victoria 65: 1–22

Mark O’loughlin & Cynthia Ahearn, 2008
Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic species of Psolidium Ludwig (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Psolidae)
Memoirs of Museum Victoria 65: 23–42

Milena Benavides-Serrato & Timothy D. O´Hara, 2008
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Memoirs of Museum Victoria 65: 51–56 

Benavides-Serrato, M., O’Loughlin. P.M., and Rowley, C. 2007.
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O’Loughlin, P.M., and Rowe, F.W.E., 2006
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Memoirs of Museum Victoria 63(2): 257–287

O’Loughlin, P. Mark and Rowe, Francis W.E., 2005
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O’Loughlin, P.M., Waters, J.M., and Roy, M.S., 2003
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O’Loughlin, P.M., 2002
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