The Modern World: Years 9–10

Back at school activities

  1. Universal Declaration of human rights

    Explore the Human Rights commission website. Read the Universal Declaration of human rights.

    Find out about the Freedom rides in Australia in the 1960’s. Watch this video on the ABC Splash website.

    Why was the referendum significant? View this digibook on the ABC Splash website.

    What are some of the issues in terms of rights in Australia today? View this digibook on the ABC Splash website.

  2. Visit the Culture Victoria website

    Got to the Black Post White section: Watch the elders’ video and read the transcript. How many of the elders focus on rights and freedoms?

  3. Find out about William Barak

    Why is he such an important figure for Koorie people? Visit the Culture Victoria website

  4. Explore the role of Aboriginal service men and women in Australia

    Read this article on the Department of Veterans' Affairs website.

  5. Aboriginal peoples' campaigns for rights

    Visit the Gary Foley website for extensive resources, news articles and video clips on Aboriginal peoples' campaigns for rights.

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