Ancient World: Years 7–8

Back at school activities

  1. Museum collections

    What can you learn about how people lived in the past from the collection items on display in Many Nations? Explore Museums Victoria Collections website.

  2. Archaeology

    How does archaeology help us to understand the past?

    Watch this video on the ABC Splash website.

  3. Eel farming

    What does the eel farming (Kooyang) practices of Victorian Gundijtmara people make you wonder?

    View the Catalyst website.

    Read this article on

    Watch this video on YouTube.

  4. Find out about the amazing archaeological work around Lake Mungo

    Watch this video Discoveries at Lake Mungo on the ABC Splash website.

  5. How are Aboriginal people connected to their ancient past?

    Watch this video Dreaming about Country on the ABC Splash website.

  6. Watch the Footprints series for more information on Ancient Australia

    Visit the ABC Splash website.

  7. Visit the Culture Victoria website

    Got to the Black Post White section: Watch the elders’ video and read the transcript.

    What are the main ideas that will stay with you?

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