Celebrating 140 years of a Melbourne Icon

Building dome and skyline

Celebrating 140 years, Melbourne’s iconic Royal Exhibition Building continues to be the place that brings people, culture and ideas together. Discover the stories from the marvellous Royal Exhibition Building.

Explore the Royal Exhibition Building in 3D

The Royal Exhibition Building, like you’ve never seen it before. Zoom in to appreciate the true beauty and extraordinary detail of this iconic building.

Part of a six day project with CyArk in 2018 over 400 LiDar scans and 11,000 high resolution images were needed to create the model.

See how architect Joseph Reed created a temple to industry using a cruciform layout. While his use of the Rundbogenstil style combined with radial fan lights, based on those from the Crystal Palace, gave the Exhibition Building a sense of grandeur and presence. Enjoy a bird's eye view of the soaring 67 meter dome which was inspired by the iconic dome of the Florence Cathedral.

Creator: CyArk with the support of Iron Mountain


The Royal Exhibition Collection of well over 5,000 objects reflects all aspects of the building's history: objects displayed at the two great International Exhibitions; souvenirs; certificates and medals awarded to exhibitors and commissioners; invitations to concerts, balls and the opening of parliament: catalogues to the International Exhibition and museum displays. The collection also contains photographs of the building from the 1880s to the present day, and other pictorial reproductions including watercolours, postcards and lithographic prints.

Royal Exhibition Building Collection
Dutch oil painting - 'Roses', Still Life, by Geraldine Jacoba Van De Sande Bakhuyzen, circa 1880.

Visions of Colonial Grandeur

Explore the history of Melbourne's International Exhibitions through the stunning art collection of 19th-century businessman John Twycross.

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