Oceania Region

World map - Oceania Region

Oceania is the smallest of the world's biogeographic regions. It includes the Pacific Ocean islands of Micronesia, the Fijian Islands, and most of Polynesia (with the exception of New Zealand).

Few land mammals have found their way to the islands of Oceania though bird life is abundant. Seabirds and some land birds may have originally arrived at the islands by being blown across the ocean in storms. Some birds have become flightless, such as rails.

Bats are one of the few mammal groups to be found in Oceania, apart from species introduced by people, such as rats and cats which often have a devastating impact on the native species.

Low-lying coral islands are vulnerable to rising sea levels, a predicted outcome of climate change, and this will have an impact on the unique organisms which live there.

In the Wild exhibition we have many animals from Oceania on display. The Regional Animals box at right contains a selection, with information about why they are special and how they are faring in the wild.


Animals from Oceania

Many-coloured Fruit-doveCollared Lory