Indomalay Region

World map - Indomalay Region

This region includes the Indian subcontinent and South-east Asia. Islands are a feature of this region, and the Malay Archipelago has more than 20,000 islands. At various times when sea levels were lower than they are today, some of these islands were connected and animals were able to move freely between them.

As sea levels rose again, populations became isolated and followed their own evolutionary path. This fragmenting and rejoining of groups of animals over time has helped create the exceptional biological diversity of the region that we see today. 

Indomalay is home to birds such as Indian Peafowls (or ‘peacocks’), pigeons, pittas and flowerpeckers. Forest-dwelling mammals include tree shrews, tigers, orang-utans and Sloth Bears.

In the Wild exhibition we have many animals from Indomalay on display. The Regional Animals box at right contains a selection, with information about why they are special and how they are faring in the wild.


Animals from Indomalay

Indian PeafowlLuzon Bleeding-heartMasked Palm CivetJavan RhinocerosIndian Rhinoceros