Reconstructing the Past

Watch experts describe their work interpreting the prehistoric animals, plants and environments in 600 Million Years.


Understanding Anomalocaris Understanding Anomalocaris David Holloway, Museum Victoria, describes the Cambrian predator Anomalocaris. Victoria’s geology Victoria’s geology Ross Cayley, Geosciences Victoria, talks about some of the geological processes that shaped Victoria. Reefs through time Reefs through time Rolf Schmidt, Museum Victoria, explains how reefs have evolved from the Proterozoic to the present. Fins to feet Fins to feet – tetrapod evolution Wayne Gerdtz, Museum Victoria, explains the evolution of backboned animals from water to land. Glaciation in Victoria Glaciation in Victoria Bill Birch, Museum Victoria, shows the evidence that the landscape of Victoria was shaped by moving ice. Late Permian mass extinction Late Permian mass extinction Priscilla Gaff, Museum Victoria, describes the mass extinction at the end of the Permian. Lystrosaurus Lystrosaurus – a stout survivor Wayne Gerdtz, Museum Victoria, explains why Lystrosaurus was successful in the Triassic Period. Finding fossils Finding fossils – the ichthyosaur from Boulia Tom Rich, Museum Victoria, describes finding the ichthyosaur fossil and preparing it for display. Whale evolution Whale evolution from walking whales to Janjucetus Erich Fitzgerald, Museum Victoria, explains some of the key moments in whale evolution. Koolasuchus Koolasuchus – a strange creature from Cretaceous Victoria Leslie Kool and Mike Cleeland describe their roles in finding and preparing the fossil of Koolasuchus, an amphibious carnivore. Making tracks Making tracks – understanding megafauna footprints David Pickering, Museum Victoria, explains what can be learned from this trackway of fossil footprints. Victoria covered in rainforest Victoria covered in rainforest David Christophel, Flinders University, describes how fossil leaves tell stories of evolution and climate change in Victoria. Written in stone Written in stone - evidence of past climates Stephen Gallagher, University of Melbourne, explains what geology reveals about Victoria’s past climate. Reconstructing Palorchestes Reconstructing Palorchestes Scientific artist Peter Trusler explains how he reconstructed the head of Palorchestes from fossil evidence.