Gateway to a New Life

Station Pier: Gateway to a new life was an exhibition held at Immigration Museum from 2004 to 2010. It provided a historical overview of Station Pier, including its early days as Railway Pier in the 1850s and its upgrade in the 1920s, which was a response to the growing needs of the city and port of Melbourne. It included personal stories, anecdotes, mementos and objects that told of immigrants’ journeys to Australia and represented Station Pier as an ongoing symbol for those who arrived there.

This online version captures a selection of the exhibition content, as well as exploring other Museum Victoria collection objects and images that reveal the history of Station Pier.

I went back two years ago and I stood on the actual spot where we got off the ship, and I was starting to shake because I could remember when we got off.  I had hold of the children’s hands, and I was shaking, thinking where are we going, and no idea what we were going to do.Maureen Hallam migrated from England in 1964.

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