Station Pier – A Better Pier

For over 70 years Railway Pier had witnessed the comings and goings of hundreds and thousands of people — the hopeful, the ambitious, the disappointed. It was time for an overhaul. In the early 20th century the Melbourne Harbor Trust transformed the shipping facilities at Port Melbourne, constructing two modern piers that were longer, wider and more efficient.

Prince’s Pier, originally known as New Railway Pier, opened in 1916, 400 metres to the west of Railway Pier. This allowed work to begin, in 1923, on transforming Railway Pier into the new modern Station Pier. The makeover took seven years, during which time ships, their passengers and cargo were diverted to Prince’s Pier or the river docks.

By 1930, Station Pier was ready for business.

The two upper concourses of Station Pier and the entrance administrative building were outlined in festoons of lights, and the tall jibs of wharf cranes were also outlined in lights, to form a giant arch visible many miles down Port Phillip by night.Description of festive decorations during Melbourne Olympic Games, Harbour Trust Annual Report, 1956

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