Share a Story

Share a Story is a collection of immigration stories that explores the experience of migration to Victoria. The stories reflect on the reasons why migrants left home; the journey to Australia; their thoughts and feelings when they first settled here; and their subsequent lives in their new country.

We welcome you to share your own story or your family’s story of immigration to Victoria below. Stories be entered into the Share a Story database and can be read in the Discovery Centre at Immigration Museum.

The story should focus on the experience of leaving your home country, the journey and arrival in Victoria. Samples of stories can be found on our Question of the Week linked at right. Please also give your country of origin, place and year of arrival and the name of the ship or plane.

Each story must be under 350 words and any contributions exceeding this will not be added.

Terms and Conditions of Share a Story contributions

  • By contributing a story, the contributor understands and consents to the story being published and being used by Museum Victoria for exhibition or website related purposes.
  • Museum Victoria reserves the right to review, edit and alter all contributions.
  • Museum Victoria does not warrant the accuracy of the contributions and is not responsible for correcting any inaccuracies.
  • Museum Victoria does not guarantee that all stories contributed will be published or accessible at all times.
  • Full conditions of use for online contributions can be found at the bottom of this page.