Welcome by Lynette Wallworth

We have the means via the smallest gesture to include or exclude and to signal whether someone is an outsider or not. We defend invisible territories or we give ground, and all without a word being uttered.Lynette Wallworth

Still shot from Lynette Wallworth's video installation at the Immigration MuseumStill shot from Lynette Wallworth's video installation at the Immigration Museum
Image: Lynette Wallworth
Source: Museum Victoria
The exhibition begins with Welcome – an immersive video installation created by Australian video artist Lynette Wallworth.

Welcome invites you to contemplate what it means to belong, and conversely, what it means to be excluded, via a visceral work that plays powerfully on instinctive human responses.

The life-size scale and impact of this work allow you to experience the subtle (and not so subtle) ways we are accepted and rejected by others.

Have you ever noticed a glance of curiosity or disapproval from a stranger? Or shared a smile of understanding?

How did you respond? What did it make you think about?

To share your response to this experience and Lynette Wallworth's video installation use the Comments Box at the bottom of this page. Selected written responses will be shown on our website.

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