People Like Me

Poh Ling YeowImage: Tony Lewis
Source: ABC
Desperately wanting to assimilate as a child migrant, I shed everything that made me feel different in my new country. In my 30s I realised that food is the vehicle that can help me keep in touch with my past and have something to hand on to the future, whether it be children or fellow Australians. It is a way I can still bond with the generations before me, even with the loss of traditional values and language.Poh Ling Yeow, Cook, TV Presenter, Artist, 2011

We know when we belong. We can see ourselves reflected in others. It might be a community or internet group. It might even be a nation.

Fitting in with other people may not be easy. We start searching. We may need to invent our own club. We seek opportunities to connect with others.

Why do we need to belong? Who do you belong with?