What we wear

It was about completely rebelling against all the judgments I see in society and hip hop — the homophobia and prejudice — and just getting up there and saying 'Ha, I’m wearing a dress! Say something now!'Borce Markovski, Melbourne hip hop band Curse Of Dialect, 2007

Clothing does more than cover us. It reveals what we like, can afford, believe in and aspire to. Brand names influence our choice of clothes and accessories. Colours, textures, styles and cosmetics all express the image we want to project.

Sometimes we need to emphasise our allegiances or beliefs. Hairstyles may help us to stand out. Piercings, markings and tattoos can announce membership of a particular club or faith.

Do you have a tattoo? Thought of piercing your tongue? Ever dyed your hair? Do you paint your face when you go to the football or tennis?

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