First Impressions

Heritier LumumbaImage: Ben Healley
Source: Museum Victoria
We have so much in common with each other, and you just have to see past I suppose the surface area whether it be your physical appearance, language barriers or religious barriers. When you actually sit down and interact with someone and you go past those barriers, you find you have so much in common with them. No matter how different things may appear on the surface, the surface isn’t the whole story.Heritier Lumumba (formerly Harry O'Brien), Collingwood AFL Footballer, 2011

A punk haircut. Dark skin. A 'funny' accent. A walk with a limp. The smell of garlic.

We make a snap judgement and assume that we know someone. But do we really?

Can labels be helpful? Are they as accurate as we like to think? Do they mislead us?