Past Festivals


viva mexico festival ¡Viva Mexico! Festival A celebration of Mexican culture. Bosnian Herzegovinian Festival Bosnian Herzegovinian Festival Join in a day of celebration with the Bosnian and Herzegovinian community of Victoria. Brazilian Festival Brazilian Festival Experience the vibrant Brazilian culture in Victoria. FESTIVALS COURTYARD Khmer Angkor Dance Group Cambodian Festival Celebrate the Cambodian Community in Victoria. FESTIVALS COURTYARD Coffee Fest Coffee Fest Pour, froth, sip and savour. Melbourne’s coffee obsession goes global.  Croatian Festival A festival celebrating Croatian culture. FESTIVALS COURTYARD Dutch Festival Dutch Festival Celebrate the Dutch community in Victoria. Ethiopian girl Ethiopian Festival A festival celebrating Ethiopian culture. FESTIVALS COURTYARD German Fest German Fest Spend a day with one of Victoria's largest multicultural communities. Indonesian Festa Indonesian Festa A festival celebrating the diversity of Victoria’s Indonesian community. Irish Festival Irish Festival 2005 Experience all things Irish at this one-day festival. Irish Festival Irish Festival 2012 A celebration of Irish culture for the whole family. Irish Kids Fest Irish Kids Fest Come and join in with an Irish fling this summer at the Immigration Museum. Islamic Arts Festival: glass mosaic Islamic Arts Festival Traditional and contemporary Islamic arts and design with Melbourne’s diverse Muslim communities. Kids Fest: Carnivale Kids Fest: Carnivale Join in the revelry and celebrate worldwide Carnivale traditions at this special one day festival. Lebanese Cedar Festival Lebanese Cedar Festival Celebrate Victoria's Lebanese community. Mauritian and Rodriguan La Faya Festival Mauritian and Rodriguan La Faya Festival Celebrate the cultures of two island communities from the Indian Ocean. M Melt: Chocolate Festival Celebrate chocolate in all its diverse and delicious forms at this one-day festival. Pacific Islander Festival Pacific Islander Festival Experience music, dance and more from across the Pacific.  Polish Festival Join the Victorian Polish community for a celebration of Polish customs and traditions. link to Scottish Festival Scottish Fling Festival Victoria’s Scottish community held a one-day cultural festival. Sri Lankan Festival Sri Lankan Festival Join us at the Immigration Museum for a festival celebrating Victoria’s Sri Lankan community.  Sudanese Festival Experience the vibrant culture that is the Sudanese community in Victoria. Sweets festival Sweets Festival Succumb to your sweet cravings at this special one-day festival. Girls in Turkish national dress Turkish Festival Join us for this special one-day celebration of Victoria's Turkish community. Vietnamese Festival Vietnamese Festival Join a very special celebration of Victoria's Vietnamese community. West African Cultural Festival West African Festival Experience vibrant West African cultures in Victoria.