Resources and tools

This section is full of useful advice and tools to help you make and upload your digital history, including how-to guides, web conferences, expert videos and links to great sites.

Read and follow the step-by-step guide to understand the process of how to research, create and share a digital history video.

Plan and research will get you started with planning your investigation, researching your story and conducting interviews. We've also provided links to research guides and online collections of photos, documents and other material that you can download and use in your video.

Expert videos and web conferences are available to watch and participate in. Get helpful advice from museum experts and local historians on all aspects of creating oral histories.

Filming tips has some basic guidance if you're going to do a video interview.

Find the story will help you work out what you want to focus on for your digital history once you've done your interview.

Create a storyboard by planning out your video from beginning to end. You may find inspiration by loooking at other history projects around Australia too.

Finally, you can edit and upload your work.

While doing your digital history, be sure to follow the strict guidelines about using and sourcing material.