Liza Dale-Hallett

Senior Curator, Sustainable Futures, Museum Victoria

Liza Dale-Hallett holding

Liza Dale-Hallett is a historian specialising in issues of sustainability, with a particular interest in contemporary issues that link city and regional communities.

Liza is responsible for the development of the Victorian Bushfires Collection. She is also involved in a range of other research and collection projects, including: contemporary domestic water use in Melbourne, the role and impact of women in agriculture, the history of the agricultural enterprise of H.V. McKay, and the issues of sustainability and its effects on the lifestyle, environments and future of communities in Victoria. Liza is the Chairperson of Museum Victoria’s Climate Change Committee, which has involved her in strategies relating to carbon reduction, corporate bicycle fleets and behavioural change.

Liza began her career in Museum Victoria in 1987. Her first position involved the completion of the exhibitions for the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame (Longreach, Queensland). In 1988 she was responsible for the development of the ‘Work in the Home’ collection. Since 1992 Liza has been responsible for the vast collection of material relating to agriculture, economic botany and sustainability.

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