Getting started

Through Making History, you can research, create and share family and community stories.

Make and upload a short digital history of up to 3 minutes about a person or event from the past, based on one of our four themes:

  • Living with Natural Disasters
  • World Events, Local Impacts
  • Cultural Identity
  • Family and Community Life

What is a digital history? It’s a story presented in a digital format – but you use historical inquiry to gather the information. This means you investigate the past and tell a story through the use of primary sources such as interviews you record with people and related evidence like photos, letters, objects and official documents that you gather.

We’ve developed a unique set of tools and resources for individuals and groups to contribute to and create shared histories while exploring and documenting events and people from the past and present. Interact with professional historians, access Museum Victoria’s online collection and use the forums to get expert help.

By sharing your research and stories on the Making History channel you can showcase your work and contribute to the knowledge and collections of Museum Victoria.

Watch the resource overview video below and go to the step-by-step guide.