Multiculturalism takes effect

Cartoon by Oslo Davis Cartoon by Oslo Davis
Source: Museum Victoria

Amendments to the Migration Act replace the term 'alien' with 'non citizen' and end the favoured treatment of British nationals.

In 1980, Channel O/28 begins broadcasting multicultural television in Melbourne and Sydney.

Family reunion is the most common criteria for migrating to Australia.

In 1981 the Commonwealth government ends assisted passage for all except refugees.

First significant numbers of African refugees arrive, mostly from Ethiopia.

In 1985, the Commonwealth government transfers title of Uluru (Ayers Rock) National Park to traditional Aboriginal owners.

Professor Geoffrey Blainey's proposal to limit immigration from Asia sparks public debate on immigration policy.

In 1988, the Bicentenary of British settlement is marked by official celebrations and Aboriginal mourning.

Aus Pop (1986): 15,602,279
Vic Pop (1986): 4,019,568 Figures taken from Colonial and Commonwealth censuses and exclude Aborigines until 1971.

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