A million post-war immigrants

Cartoon by Oslo Davis Cartoon by Oslo Davis
Source: Museum Victoria

Australia signs immigration agreements with more than 20 European countries, establishing immigration assistance and reunion schemes.

British immigration is still favoured, being promoted through community schemes such as 'Bring Out a Briton.'

In 1950, the National Good Neighbour Council is founded.

In 1955, the number of post-war immigrants to Australia reaches one million.

Asian refugees and longstanding Asian residents can apply for permanent residency.

Non-European spouses of Australian citizens can apply for naturalisation.

In 1958, the Migration Act abolishes the Dictation Test and introduces an immigration entry permit system.

Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines is established.

In 1959, the Immigration Reform Group is founded in Melbourne, advocating the end of the White Australia Policy.

Aus Pop (1954): 8,986,530
Vic Pop (1954): 2,452,341 Figures taken from Colonial and Commonwealth censuses and exclude Aborigines until 1971.

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