The plants of Milarri Garden

The stream in Milarri Garden
The stream in Milarri Garden
Image: Benjamin Healley
Source: Museum Victoria

Milarri means 'outdoors' in Boon Wurrung and Woi wurrung

Aboriginal people used plants extensively for food, technology and medicine. Many plants continue to be used for medicine, fibrecraft and making weapons and tools. Milarri Garden is planted with native flora significant to the Aboriginal people of south-eastern Australia. The plants in Milarri are predominantly indigenous Victorian plants.

Within Milarri is an outdoor performance space and a collaborative sculpture titled Biamie, the Rainbow Serpent by Clive Atkinson, a Yorta Yorta artist, and Domonic Benhura, a Shona artist from Zimbabwe.

WARNING: People without proper knowledge of these food plants should never attempt to eat them. It could be harmful.

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Bunjil's Cave in Milarri Garden View of Milarri Garden