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Wasp Comparisons

The English wasp Vespula vulgaris was first recorded in the Malvern (Melbourne) area in 1958. While it has not established as successfully as the European Wasp, it has spread in an easterly direction to west Gippsland.

European Wasp yellow bands English Wasp yellow bands

The English wasp has similar colour markings to the European Wasp but the yellow bands just in front of where the wings are attached to the body differ as follows:
European Wasp- The outer margin of the band is angulate.
English Wasp- The outer margin of the band is straight.

European Wasp abdominal segement English Wasp abdominal segement

The black marking on the middle of the first abdominal segment differs as follows:
European Wasp- Arrow-head shaped
English Wasp- Tapers to a point

European Wasp nest English Wasp nest European Wasp on weather wood

The nest colour of the two wasps also differs:
European Wasp nest is grey as they use dry, weathered wood usually taken from the sides of telegraph poles or fence.
English wasp nest colour is wavy, light fawn as they uses mainly rotted wood taken from the insides of wooden poles.

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