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Indigenous Cultures

Boxing gown - front Bark painting, Wonggu Mununggurr Canoe Massacre and Rover Thomas Story Boomerang (late 19th century) Decorated box (1860s) Coffin of Tamenkhamun (7th century BC) Canoe (c. 1850) Totem pole, featuring eagle (19th century)
Orator’s stool Spearthrower (1957) Proclamation board Eel trap McRae artwork, pencil and ink on paper Indigenous Mimih figures Crocodile mask (c. 1850) Helmet (c. 1850) Club (c. 1800), ironwood
Ancestral figure (c. 1930) Fertility figure (post-1945) Decorated knives and sheaths (1901–02) Kimberley points (late 19th century) Grave marker (1860s) Mask (1925)

The Indigenous Cultures Department at Museum Victoria works closely with Indigenous communities to develop collections relating to Indigenous peoples of Australia and the Pacific region. The Australian Aboriginal collections contain material from all states of Australia with particular strengths in items from south-eastern Australia, Central Australia and Northern Australia.

The non-Australian collections include material from the Sepik area and the Gulf and Western Provinces of Papua New Guinea, as well as the Solomon and Trobriand Islands, New Zealand and Fiji. The collections also contain significant cultural materials from southern and western Africa, southeast Asia, Egypt and the northwest coast of America.

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