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Gold nugget replicas

Victorian gold was characterised by large nuggets. When significant nuggets were discovered during the 19th century, the Department of Mines recorded the information in a catalogue and assembled newspaper reports. More than 1200 nuggets weighing over 620 grams (20 troy ounces) had been found by 1910.

The department also made replicas of about 100 large nuggets, based on sketches and photographs. These gold nugget replicas were made from casts using plaster of Paris, and were then painted.

The collections of the Geological Survey that were transferred to the museum in 1988 include the nugget replicas and associated information. The museum continues to make replicas of large nuggets found by hobby collectors using metal detectors.

'The Oldham', replica gold nugget (19th century)
 'The Oldham', replica gold nugget (19th century)

 'The Lady Brassey', replica gold nugget (19th century)

 Replica gold nugget (19th century)

 'The Ear', replica gold nugget (19th century)
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'The Oldham', replica gold nugget (19th century)
Dimensions L 12 x W 7 x H 2 cm
Registration No. M 38634
Image source: Museum Victoria

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