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Terms of Use


It is the intent of Museum Victoria to encourage the use and investigation of all the resources contained within this site.

The material depicted on Museum Victoria websites is protected by intellectual property law which includes copyright. In addition, other restrictions such as moral and cultural rights regarding its use may apply.

The information, text, images, sounds and audio-visual material in this website (including sub-sites and the Museum's material accessed via AMOL and Picture Australia) are for personal use only and may not otherwise be copied, re-sold, re-distributed or framed, or otherwise used whether for compensation of any kind or not, without prior written permission. Material from Museum Victoria web sites can be saved or printed for private research but if you wish to use them for any other purpose you must get permission.

Failure to obtain written permission from the copyright owner for the use of part, or all of the material depicted could result in the infringement of copyright. Importantly, the material shown may carry a number of copyrights or it may need permission for use from the original source.

Because the laws regarding intellectual property are very complex and still evolving you may want to seek expert advice before reproducing material.

For further information about copyright you may wish to contact Australian Copyright Council.

For copyright information and/or permission to use Museum Victoria material please view our Permissions page.


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Terms of Use
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