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HV McKay

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There were over 80 departments across the factory. This selection includes the woodmill, engine works, wheel assembly, binder, machine, and blacksmith's shops, foundry, laboratory, timber yard, duplicate, printing, and records departments.

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Link to full record and image Jim Thompson, tests the strength of Sunshine sprocket chain...

Link to full record and image Assembling of Massey-Harris 55K tractors, imported from Toronto,...

Link to full record and image Transfers being silk screened in the Printing Department.

Link to full record and image Originally used for granite, the quarry was by McKay for waste...

Link to full record and image Operators dip finished parts into the paint-dip. The dip is...

Link to full record and image Sunshine Duplicates (Spare Parts) Warehouse. The manager of...

Link to full record and image Records Department, located in the Head Office, where personnel...

Link to moving footage A tour of the Sunshine Harvester Works, 1944.
Moving Footage

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