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Harvesting Equipment

Rice, potato and grain harvesters are featured, including the progression of grain harvesters from McKayıs first stripper (1885) to the many developments of the header harvester.

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Link to full record and image A close-up front view of a U.K. manufactured '780' header, in...

Link to full record and image A No. 510 experimental self-propelled header, fitted with unloading...

Link to full record and image Side view of a tractor-drawn Sunshine engine-functioned rice...

Link to full record and image An overhead view of a 12 ft. No. 2 P.T.O. header attached to...

Link to full record and image Front-side view of a Sunshine Massey-Harris model '585' self-propelled...

Link to full record and image A bulk trailer bin fitted to a No. 6 Sunshine header, showing...

Link to moving footage The company manufactured many types of equipment
Moving Footage

Link to moving footage H.S. Taylor's header harverster had a major impact on harvesting...
Moving Footage

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