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Spider Resources

There are thousands of sites on the Internet that have information about spiders. The best way to start exploring them is to begin locally.

Victorian Spiders, written by Dr Ken Walker at Museum Victoria, has a lot of information about spiders found in Victoria together with games and other activities.

Queensland Museum has a 'spooky' Spiders website. The Australia Museum has spider fact sheets.

Australian Spiders website features Queensland species and lots more general information.

For more detailed information on characteristics and identification, visit the Arthropod Identification site at Discover Life, University of Georgia.

For information on various venomous animals in Victoria (Australia) visit:

Audio Visual Resources

The Gould League has a wide range of audio and written resources suitable for primary and secondary students, including books, posters and software. Gould Leage web site:

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Contact Organisations

Australasian Arachnology. Contact: Richard Faulder, Agricultural Institute, Yanco, NSW 2703 Email: [email protected]

Entomological Society of Victoria. Contact: Daniel Dobrosak, 66 Wiltonvale Ave, Hoppers Crossing 3029.

Field Naturalists Club of Victoria. Contact: National Herbarium, Birdwood Ave, South Yarra. Vic. 3141.

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