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Spider Feeding - the liquid lunch

Despite disabling their prey with fangs and paralysing venom, spiders never get to eat a solid meal. All their food has to be taken up as a sort of insect soup.

When biting an insect the spider first injects venom and then vomits stomach juices over the wound. As the venom toxin paralyses the victim, chemicals from both the venom and stomach juices attack the insect’s soft internal tissues, breaking them down into a liquid mush. The spider’s ‘sucking stomach’ then pumps the liquid meal in through the small mouth opening.

Some spiders, like the Flower Spider, leave their victims looking virtually intact, simply sucking them dry. Others, like huntsman and orb web weaving spiders, have strong teeth on their lower jaws. They use these to break up and grind their victims, leaving behind only a small ball of hard parts.

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