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Make your own climbing spider

Making silk is a very complicated chemical process, and all spiders do it. Spiders make many different types of silk and each silk has a different function. Some silks are for snaring and trapping food, others for building webs or protecting eggs. Spiders also use silk to get around - they can climb up their own silk as though it were a ladder or use it like a balloon to float on the breeze.

You can make a spider that climbs up its own silk

You will need: Activ2.gif (3606 bytes)

  • 1 spider shape (provided)
  • 1 drinking straw
  • sticky tape
  • a long piece of string or wool
  • scissors
  • textas/crayons or decorative material to stick on the spider

What to do:

  1. Decorate your spider - give it some eyes and some body markings.
  2. Stick the two pieces of straw side by side on the back of the spider (so that the open ends of the straws face the head and the tail of the spider).
  3. Take your piece of wool and thread it up through one straw then down through the other one. Tie the ends together. Tie a loop in the top part of the wool, to fit over a doorknob or handle.

To make the spider climb:

Hang the spider on a door knob by the loop at the top of the wool. Keep the spider hanging at the bottom of the wool. Gently pull the two strands of wool apart from the bottom and watch the spider climb up its own silk.

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