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The spiders listed below are seen in or around buildings and gardens in Victoria . Select a name to find more information and images of that spider. Answering the questions below can help to identify your spider.

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Badge (Huntsman) Spider - Neosparassus diana
Bird Dropping Spider - Celaenia excavata
Black House Spider - Badumna insignis
Brown House Spider - Steatoda grossa
Daddy Long-Leg Spider - Pholcus phalangioides
Garden Orb-weaving Spider - Eriophora biapicata
Huntsman Spider - Holconia immanis
Jumping Spider - Sandalodes (near bipenicillatus)
Leaf Curling Spider - Phonognatha graeffei
Melbourne Trap-door Spider - Stanwellia grisea
Mouse Spider - Missulena bradleyi
Red-back Spider - Latrodectus hasseltii
Red and Black Spider - Ambicodamus crinitus
Sac Spider - Cheiracanthium mordax
Scorpion Tailed Spider - Arachnura higginsi
Slater-eating Spider - Dysdera crocata
Spiny Spider - Austracantha minax
St Andrew’s Cross Spider - Argiope keyserlingii
Victorian Funnel-web Spider - Hadronyche modesta
Water Spider - Megadolomedes australianus
White Tailed Spider - Lampona cylindrata
Wolf Spider - Lycosa (species)

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