Winning Sky Photos 2017




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The David Malin Awards

23 spectacular award-winning photographs of the night sky will be on display at Scienceworks until the end of September as part of the national touring exhibition Winning Sky Photos 2017: The David Malin Awards.

Winning Sky Photos is an exhibition of the top entries from The David Malin Awards astrophotography competition organised annually by the Central West Astronomical Society. The competition encourages photographers to use their vision, imagination and skill to produce inspiring and beautiful images of the sky.

Among the photographs on display this year is the stunning image shown above by James Garlick, showcasing a special evening above Calverts Beach on the South Arm Peninsula of Tasmania as red airglow hits the sky.

Other photographs on display show the three distinct nebulae in the Tail of Scorpius, comets travelling close to earth, stunning mosaics capturing the brightest part of our Milky Way, the Emu amongst several other significant stars, constellations and clusters, plus so much more.