Summer Sessions at Scienceworks!

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Brighten your holidays this summer with a colourful array of activities at Scienceworks.

Spark your curiosity with our brand new Lightning Room show Lights, Energy, Action! exploring all types of energy from light to sound to electricity. Discover all the things you didn’t know about colour with our Beyond the Rainbow school holiday program exploring the science of colour. Unravel the mysteries of air with our Air Playground exhibition, only showing until 28 February.

Plus enjoy all your Scienceworks favourites to enjoy, go on a journey through the universe with a show at our Planetarium, uncover the hidden side of science with Beyond Perception or race Cathy Freeman in our much loved Sportsworks exhibition.

12 reasons to visit Scienceworks this summer

  1. The rainbow scavenger hunt, can you find all the colours of the rainbow hidden around Scienceworks? Collect them all and win a prize.
  2. There’s a brand new lighting room show, Lights Energy, Action! What could be better than electrifying theatre! We promise it’ll be a hair-raising time.
  3. The Planetarium, Melbourne’s only full dome theatre where you can have an immersive astronomy experience. Need we say anymore!?
  4. We’re the perfect all-weather venue! Too hot – head into the peaceful tranquility of Beyond Perception, perfect weather – then enjoy the maze and labyrinth on the sunny arena.
  5. Live. Science. Show! Let our charming (yes we are bias!) presenters wow you with dynamic and colourful demonstrations in Colour Uncovered!
  6. Adults, this one’s for you. Find out how much you really know about science: do you know how black holes work? Or what microscopy is? Or the components of air? Find out at Scienceworks!
  7. Put your paper airplane making skills to the test in Air Playground. We promise you this involves science.
  8. Learn how to program a motorized hand, because everybody knows robots are cool. Bookings essential for this workshop!
  9. Onsite café! Because with all that fun you’re having you’re going to need to fuel up to keep the motor running.
  10. Never tried snowboarding? Well now you can in our Sportworks exhibition.
  11. Fancy yourself a future town planner? Well you can practice building your own future city in our Think Ahead exhibition.
  12. Take in some breath taking images of space with the David Malin astrophotography exhibition.

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