Space Passport



2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
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Hitch a ride to Scienceworks and we’ll guide you through the galaxy with our multi-access Space Passport! Pick up your passport at the Admissions Desk to explore your way through Above and Beyond, Think Ahead, Beyond Perception and Melbourne Planetarium checkpoints and get your collectable passport stamped along the way.

With passports for all for ages, you can come along to discover the wonder of the cosmos and learn about the galaxy in an experience unlike any other!

Roaming Check Point: Above and Beyond
Kick off your space adventure with Above and Beyond and explore the wonder of space travel in a ground-breaking aerospace exhibition that features visionary concepts for the future and inspiring stories from game changing innovators. The sky is the limit as you ride an elevator to the edge of space, design—and test-fly—your own supersonic jet or pilot a drone into the eye of a hurricane to measure nature’s fury.

Roaming Check Point: Melbourne Planetarium 
Sit back and stargaze at our world renowned Planetarium with a simulated display of the night sky that spans an expansive 16m domed ceiling with reclining seats, an immersive surround sound system and a full-dome video projection system. Our Planetarium creates out of this world environments and awe-inspiring astronomical experiences so you can really experience the great beyond!

Roaming Check Point: Think Ahead
Venture into Think Ahead to experience life in space and imagine what the future may look like. Let the force be with you and spend some quality time with our favourite Star Wars droid C-3PO and explore the advancements in robot technology. Look out for our roaming passport officers wearing a special passport badge to get your stamp! 

Roaming Check Point: Beyond Perception
Warp drive into the immersive new exhibition Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen and dive into imperceptible corners of space to see further than ever before. Test the laws of gravity and bend the fabric of space-time caused by cosmic collisions of black holes to discover the kinetic forces that stretch and squeeze our universe. Spot the passport inspector in the exhibition space to get your Beyond Perception stamp!