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18+ event
Tickets are available as a season pass (all four sessions), or to individual sessions.
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Season pass MV Member $29
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Single session Adult  $15

A four-part online journey across our Solar System and beyond!

This online experience takes you on a journey through the Solar System. Over four sessions, delivered weekly, we will explore our place in space and our solar neighbours. We'll investigate the eloquent serendipity of the Earth, Moon, Sun system, visit each of the planets, and learn about the human exploration of our Solar System and beyond. The program will also give you a glimpse into the workings of the Great Melbourne Telescope - a historical treasure which is being painstakingly and lovingly restored at Scienceworks.

These presenter-led sessions use stunning images, videos, visualisations, and specialised software which accurately models the night sky. Participants can continue their solar system exploration after the series by downloading some of the free software.

Each session will include interactive elements and a Q&A.

This series is aimed at adult audiences. There is also a Solar System Tour series available for family audiences scheduled for May 2021.

Cocktail package

Make it a truly special event by heading to the Mr West website to purchase our specially curated cocktail package to accompany the series. Our astronomy experts have worked with the mixologists at Mr West to come up with four themed cocktails – one to accompany each session.

This package can be delivered to your door for a small additional fee, or you can ‘click and collect’ from Mr West in Footscray.

The cocktail pack will be a one-off delivery that can be delivered prior to the first session or will be available to add-on throughout the series. Please order additional packs for each attendee.

The cocktails

Cocktails include: The GMT GnT, Spirit Rover, Cassini's Journey and The Night Sky.

Tickets are available as a season pass (all four sessions), or to individual sessions.

Session 1: Our place in space

Thursday 3 June

We’ll start from our precious home planet, Earth, and explore the Earth/Moon/Sun system. We’ll also look at the Great Melbourne Telescope (GMT) and view some of the stunningly detailed images it was able to capture in the 19th century.

Paired cocktail: The GMT GnT

Session 2: The inner rocky planets

Thursday 10 June

Our closest planetary neighbours – Mercury, Venus, and Mars - show us just how special our home planet is. Standing on other planets you might experience a weird oscillating sun, blue sunsets, or an atmosphere so thick you could barely move through it. The planet Mars provides a tantalising possibility of human exploration of another planet.

Paired cocktail: Spirit Rover

Session 3: The outer gas giants

Thursday 17 June

Like the spacecraft Cassini plummeting into Saturn’s atmosphere, join us to dive into the elegant beauty and wonder of the noble gas giants – Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.

Paired cocktail: Cassini's Journey

Session 4: Space exploration and beyond

Thursday 24 June

Nothing quite captures the imagination like the exploration of space. Humans have stretched ourselves out into the solar system and beyond through spacecrafts that have sent back beautiful images and intriguing data about the universe beyond Earth.

Paired cocktail: The Night Sky

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