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2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
What's On

Engineering Play Space

Play the part of an engineer these holidays, with our open ended engineering play space, open every day from 11am-3pm with activities for all ages. Learn about the way that air can make big machines move using pistons, or even take part in our challenge to build your own!

Design, Build, Test

Suitable for ages 6+

Engineers need to design, build and test way to make things move. Use your ingenuity and creativity to help our [toy dinosaurs escape all sorts of tricky situations]. We’ll have everything you need to make your own machine using air and pistons, and our friendly staff will be around to give you a hand.

Tiny Builders

Suitable for ages 2-5

Tinker with contraptions and constructions in this play-based space especially designed to delight and inspire 2-5 year olds. Our tiny builders can create, build and imagine themselves as engineers in our mini construction site.

Meet an Engineer (or The 'Engine' in Engineer)

1pm | Suitable for all ages

See a giant engine at work and hear from industry experts talking about engines, working in engineering and what engineers do. Learn about the science behind air making piston moves and see it in action. Got questions? Our engineer will be hanging around until 2pm for you to meet and have a chat.

Shows and Tours

You can also discover the work of engineers in the free Collection Store and Pumping Station tours, learn about the universe with our new planetarium system, or see our electrifying lightning show Bolt from the Blue.

The Autumn holiday program at Scienceworks is generously supported by Exxon-Mobil.