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2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
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Join us at Scienceworks these holidays for our summer school holiday program, including Superhero Science activities and a special Amphitheatre show Boom! Bap! How?

Don't forget to drop into LightTime for some luminous fun that will have you seeing Scienceworks in a whole new light. Plus there are our always stellar Planetarium shows, electrifying Lightning Room show, hands-on exhibitions and plenty of other things to check out.

What's on

Activity: Superhero Science

Supergirl can fly, Susan Storm can become invisible, and Spiderman shoots lines of webbing from his wrists. What superpower would you want? Discover how heroes become so super and learn some superhero science with this hands-on activity.

Daily, 1pm–3pm
Tickets: included with museum entry

Live show: Boom! Bap! How?

Have you ever wished for super strength or invisibility? Come and check out some cool super-power demonstrations and discover how you might be more superhuman than you realised in this 20-minute live show.

Daily, 12pm (20-minute show)
Tickets: included with museum entry

Pumping Station tours

four men in front of a pumping engine
Visitors on a guided tour of the Pumping Station
Source: Museum Victoria
Photo: James Geer

A guide will take you through the Pumping Station that turned 'Smellbourne' back into Melbourne.

Daily, 11am & 1pm (30 minute tour)
Tickets: included with museum entry

Collection Store tours

1950s powerboat in the museum's collection store
"Atom" powerboat made in 1955 by S. J. Hammond of Chadstone, Victoria.
Source: Museum Victoria

See highlights from our historic collection and discover some of Melbourne's fascinating past. Find out more.

Daily, 12pm & 2pm (30 minute tour)
Tickets: included with museum entry

Planetarium shows

Dwarf star surround by a gaseous planetary nebula
Visualisation of the death of the Sun in 5 billion years. It shows a white dwarf star surround by a gaseous planetary nebula.
Source: Museum Victoria
Photo: Museum Victoria

Daily, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm (find out what's playing)
Tickets: additional to museum entry ticket

Lightning Room shows

A lightning strike illuminates the sky near the Thevenard silos at Ceduna, South Australia.
Bolt from the Blue
Photo: Andrew Brooks

Join us for Bolt from the Blue, a show that explores what we know – and what we don't – about lightning.

Daily, 11am, 1pm & 3pm
Tickets: additional to museum entry ticket