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2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
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Part of the Environmental Film Festival Australia

Melbourne Planetarium and the Environmental Film Festival Australia present Remote Sense, a fulldome film by Jonny Knox with visuals solely generated from Lidar (laser scanned) data and audio from collaborator and Ecuadorian sound designer, Darien Brito.

Taking inspiration from prehistoric artists who painted in 360 degrees, the work follows the shamanic/artistic process of entoptic phenomena, an altered state, universal, visual experience linked to the central nervous system which inspired mysterious yet familiar geometric and abstract Neolithic art.

Journeying through an Irish woodland, Hang Boi cave in Vietnam, the Scottish brutalist masterpiece St. Peter's Seminary, Beauvais Cathedral in France, a US industrial building and a 1950s Norwegian cinema, Remote Sense fluctuates between the recognisable and the abstract, with the audience's perception left to fill the 'spaces in-between'.

Program also includes film short: Celestial Mechanics - a planetarium-based artwork installation that visualises the statistics, data, and protocols of manmade aerial technologies – a graphic display of the paths and functions of the machines hovering, flying, and drifting above our planet.

Bar and snacks available.

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