Nitty Gritty Super City




2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
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Farewell Nitty Gritty Super City!

We’re evolving to make improvements for a new and better Scienceworks with an exciting new experience for babies to 5 year olds coming soon! Come and say goodbye to Nitty Gritty Super City before it closes and stay connected to learn more about the exciting changes happening at Scienceworks.

In this mini-metropolis, the kids are the builders, excavators, captains, sculptors and musicians. Nitty Gritty Super City shows how a city works, scaled down just for children. In the construction zone, little builders learn how levers and pulleys make hard work easy. They can make a weather report in a studio, watch what happens to waste, and meet the city wildlife big and small.

There are buttons to push, ropes to pull, and objects to investigate. Each exhibit includes wall panels with carer's notes to guide your child's activities... or just watch them go to town!