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"When people think of the 'Future', it usually seems very far away. That’s why we called the museum 'Tomorrow'.  It's closer.  It depends on what we do today."

Join Museum of Tomorrow president Ricardo Piquet and chief curator Luiz Alberto Oliveira in conversation with Scienceworks museum manager Nurin Veis, in a rare opportunity to hear about the development of the new Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro.

This is a museum that puts forward one of the planet’s most powerful arguments for sustainability. It asks searching questions relevant to museums and us all – where do we come from, where are we now and where are we heading?

With a focus on ideas rather than objects, the main exhibition is almost entirely digital with displays ranging from the origins of the planet to our possible futures.

The museum has formed partnerships with Brazil’s leading universities, global science institutions and consultants such as astronauts, social scientists and climate experts.  It also collects real-time data on climate and population from space agencies and the United Nations.

Designed by Catalan architect Santiago Calatrava, the museum structure itself adapts to changing environmental conditions and attempts to set new standards of sustainability.

Scienceworks' new LightTime exhibition will be open for viewing before or after the talk.