Write a love letter to Earth

Almost 50 years ago on Christmas Eve, 1968 William Anders a US astronaut on Apollo 8 took at photo known as ‘Earthrise’ and this beautiful picture changed the way we think about Earth – our home planet.

Earth rising over the moons surface
"Earthrise" Photograph taken from Apollo 8, Christmas Eve, 1968

Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to leave the Earth's orbit and circle the Moon. On Christmas Eve 1968, when the astronauts emerged in their craft they saw an astounding sight – a beautiful sphere suspended in the blackness of space. This view of Earth in its surrounding dark emptiness not only seemed infinitely beautiful, but also infinitely fragile.

50 years later we are gathering people’s feelings, hopes and dreams for Earth. What do you love about Earth? What about a time when you have been caught up in the wonder of the world?

  • Put this experience into words in a poem, story or letter.
  • Use pictures or films to express your love and care for Earth.
  • Share a book, speaker or film that has inspired you.

Your contribution may be displayed at Scienceworks as part of Museum of the Moon, shared on social media and added to an online gallery.

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