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Melbourne International Film Festival

The Melbourne Planetarium presents two unique fulldome showcases as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival.

For the 10th year in a row the Melbourne Planetarium will screen the latest and best fulldome films from around the world as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Fulldome Showcase 1 | 7pm

Kagaya’s Aurora

Using time-lapse photography and computer graphics, the famed Aurora Borealis and other auroras have been recreated under the dome, alongside vivid illustrations of the mechanics of their formation. Combined with stunning aerial shots of glaciers and the Arctic expanse, Kagaya’s Aurora will transport you to the beauty of Iceland and Alaska.

Horizon: Beyond the Edge of the Visible Universe

Take a journey through modern astronomy, and through the cosmos.

From steady-state cosmology to the Big Bang theory, through the historical figures observing the stars – from Edwin Hubble onwards – the fulldome digital planetarium film Horizon: Beyond the Edge of the Visible Universe gets to the bottom of space exploration.

Directed by Hiromitsu Kohsaka (Musica: Why is the Universe Beautiful, MIFF 2015)Horizon: Beyond the Edge of the Visible Universe is informative, entertaining and out of this world.

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Fulldome Showcase 2 | 9pm

Five films By Diana Reichenbach

Diana Reichenbach is an award-winning multimedia artist specialising in immersive and architectural media. A professor of animation at Savannah College of Art and Design, her work explores 360˚ space through fulldome filmmaking, architectural installation, projection mapping, and interactive experiments.

For this showcase, we’ll screen the following five films:

  • 0.1, an immersive animated film exploring the evolution of human perception.
  • Infinite Horizons, a flight through an abstract landscape that challenges perceptions of the horizon.
  • Tren Italia, a fulldome exploration of the experience of travel, inspired by train rides in Italy.
  • Stardancer’s Waltz, an animated collaboration set to the Concerto for Violin, Rock Band, and String Orchestra by REM’s Mike Mills and violinist Robert McDuffie.
  • Sonolumin, a stop-frame animated 360˚ exploration of relationships of light, sound and space.

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