Members Masterclass:Solids, Liquids, Gasses and all things in between



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Join us as we explore slime the science way! Dr Loz from SciencePlay Kids will guide you through the process of making non-newtonian fluids (not quite a solid but not a liquid either) while you learn about the different types of matter that make up slime and the world around us. Come on down for one of three sessions as part of our Members Masterclass series, available exclusively to Museum Members these school holidays.

How is slime science, you ask? Slimes have been found throughout our planet for billions of years. While the slime that appears in nature isn't all glittery, rainbow coloured or fluffy, it’s still really cool. Some of the first forms of life on planet Earth were thought to have developed in the oceans around 3.6 billion years ago, but then nothing much seemed to happen for a while.

Tiny little organisms, called cyanobacteria, formed a layer of slime that virtually covered the planet for a billion years. It was these little guys that generated the first burst of oxygen into the atmosphere that enabled humans and other animals to survive and thrive today. We look at animals that use slime for locomotion, communication and protection. It is their superpower!

Suitable for children aged 3-10.

Bring your own takeaway container to take home your gooey creation!

Please note: the slimes and gels we make are non-toxic, do not use borax or glue and are completely taste safe.