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Early Years STEM Workshops

Each date has two times to choose from, morning or afternoon:

  • Workshop 1: 10.30am–11.20am
  • Workshop 2: 12.00pm–12.50pm

Suitable for ages 3–5 years. Children aged under 3 are welcome to attend the workshop with their participating older sibling and parent/carer. Parents/carers are expected to participate in the workshop. Recommended maximum of two children per parent/carer. 

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Roll, Slide, Spin

Tuesday 18 June & Tuesday 16 July

How do things move? Can I make it spin? What forces are at play? Go fast, go slow, go high and go low as we explore concepts of motion and gravity with problem solving challenges in these 50-minute workshops. 

Mapping our Place

Monday 19 August & Monday 16 September

Where are your favourite places in Melbourne? Explore relationships between places and learn how we use maps using geometry and distance with problem solving challenges and a treasure hunt in this 50-minute workshop!

Movers and Shakers

Friday 18 November & Saturday 16 December

See what you can bang, twang or jangle as we explore concepts of sound and vibrations in the world around us. Discover ways of making your own music-maker, experimenting with different materials and objects. Can you make your instrument change its sound from quiet to loud? Low to high? Play it loud and proud as part of Scienceworks Little Sparks Symphony!



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Session time/s

    • Monday, 17 June, 2019

    • Monday, 22 July, 2019

    • Monday, 19 August, 2019

    • Monday, 16 September, 2019

    • Monday, 18 November, 2019

    • Monday, 16 December, 2019