Lights, Energy, Action!

The Lightning Room Game Show

30 minutes
Price range $0–$9
plus museum entry $0–$15
Information for your visit

Explore all things ENERGY through three rounds of electrifying demonstrations. The show investigates different kinds of energy, including light, sound, electricity, and how they intertwine.

We’ll make lightning dance with our ‘singing’ Tesla coils, and show how storing energy can produce explosive results. We’ll also investigate how energy can change. Can you turn electricity into sound? What about sound into light? And what energy secrets can be revealed by a small, obscure crustacean?

Complete all three game show rounds, and you might even get to see the giant Tesla Coil, capable of generating more than two million volts of electricity!

Including spectacular demonstrations, high voltage equipment and charismatic presenters, there’s no better place to spark your curiosity.

Safety information

Due to the awesome sparks and loud noises that our high voltage demonstrations produce, the Lightning Room is not recommended for young children or infants. We recommend this experience for ages five years and up.

The Lightning Room is suitable for people who have medical devices including metal implants, pacemakers, cochlear implants and hearing aids. To ensure utmost safety is upheld please follow the instructions of our friendly Scienceworks staff at all times.


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