Frontiers of Science: Mars and Beyond



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What's On

National Science Week special event

This National Science Week, join NASA exobiologist Dr Darlene Lim for an illuminating experience about science in extreme environments.

Hear about how exploring extreme environments on Earth can give us insights into conditions that human explorers might face on Mars or other planets.

Event includes a special presentation by Dr Darlene Lim, planetarium screening ($5 surcharge), and telescope viewing (weather permitting).

Food and drink available for purchase.


When What
6pm Doors open
6.30pm–7pm Planetarium show
7.15pm–8.15pm Talk on extreme environments by Dr Darlene Lim
8.30pm–9pm Planetarium show (repeat)
9pm Event ends

Activities available all evening

Apollo 11 photography exhibition | Planetarium foyer
Explore the story of the Apollo 11 mission through gorgeous images taken by the astronauts themselves.

Telescope viewing (weather permitting) | Arena
See the stars for yourself with our telescopes and binoculars, guided by knowledgeable astronomy volunteers. 

Drinks and eats | Elements café
Galactic cocktails, local beers, and delicious treats available all night for purchase.

Speaker: Dr Darlene Lim

Darlene Sze Shien Lim is a NASA geobiologist and exobiologist preparing astronauts for space colonization. Her expertise involves Mars human analog missions, in which extreme landscapes like volcanoes and Arctic deserts serve as substitutes for exoplanet atmospheres.

Lim has explored extreme environments worldwide, from Hawai'i and Florida to the Arctic and Antarctic. By studying extreme habitats on earth, researchers like Lim hope to gain insights into conditions that human explorers might face on Mars or other planets.