Festival program

Saturday 4 December

Session 1—Kids: 5.30pm 

Kitz the cat's - SuperMoon Adventure

23:00m | Kwon, O Chul / Cho, Hea Seung

The Earth in the far future, where humanity no longer exists. Cats that survived in the debris left behind by humanity have evolved into intelligent beings. The three cats – Kitz, Tutti, and Pepe – are working as cleaners at NYASA.

Today’s mission is to clean up space junk. But these unpredictable street cats skip their work and fly to the Moon!
This is the great adventure of the three cats crisscrossing space on Galaxy Sweeper, the space junk cleaning shuttle!

Tycho Goes to Mars

26:40m | Melbourne Planetarium | Best of Earth Nominee

Tycho our favourite cheeky dog, who has a knack for getting into trouble, is finally blasting off to discover the red planet, Mars!

Join Tycho on an adventure and learn all about the major features of Mars, including the ancient volcano Olympus Mons and the canyons of the Valles Marineris. Tycho is in search of water to fly his steam-powered space kennel back home. But how will he find water on Mars, when it looks so cold, dusty and dry?

Luckily, he discovers a new friend, Oppy, who is all too eager to help. Oppy, the NASA rover, Opportunity‚ has lots of experience exploring Mars and hunting for water. She is thrilled to share her knowledge of the red planet with a fellow space explorer.

Legend of the Enchanted Reef

43:25m | Softmachine Immersive Productions | Best of Earth Nominee

Legend of the Enchanted Reef is an imaginative and humorous, as well as exciting and touching animated movie for the whole family: the quest of three lovable characters for a safe home reveals the moving beauty of the seas but also their endangerment through massive human impact. The story combines entertaining and educative elements into a sustainable message about the great importance of our oceans, raising awareness for the acuteness of marine conservation.

Saturday 4 December

Session 2—Astronomy: 7.30pm

Rising Star: A South African Astronomy Journey

24:01m | Telmo dos Reis

Rising Star is the first full-length, high-resolution (4K/8K) digital planetarium film about South African Astronomy to be produced in Africa. This film takes you on a journey through the development of astronomy research in South Africa and aims to stimulate the production of more local fulldome content, with the goal of popularising Africa’s numerous scientific achievements.

Worlds Beyond Earth

26:00m | Carter Emmart

Featuring immersive visualizations of distant worlds, ground-breaking space missions, and breathtaking scenes depicting the evolution of our solar system, Worlds Beyond Earth, narrated by Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, takes viewers on an exhilarating journey to reveal the surprisingly dynamic nature of the worlds that orbit our Sun and the unique conditions that make life on Earth possible.


44:00m | Hiromitsu Kohsaka | Best of Earth Nominee

The show presents a great journey to close in on a secret of birth of the solar system, and you will watch a surprised process of asteroid exploration in detail.
As the third and last episode in 'HAYABUSA' movie series, this show rounds out the story of HAYABUSA proves mission which continued 10 years. Enjoy a story of HAYABUSA2’s bold challenge with spectacular fulldome image.

Saturday 4 December

Session 3—Visual Music: 9.00pm


03:36m | Reinhardt, Juro Carl Anton & Radu Paul Simon | Best of Earth Nominee

In a distant time an utmost act of selflessness results in an all-embracing echo. The common memory of an unsung hero lingers in an undefined desaturated space. Morphing shapes hold dreamlike narrative elements creating a déjà-vu like vague experience. This surrealist work moves between nebulous, ambiguous and serene.


04:00m | Tatoaraoz | Best of Earth Nominee

The Chamanes's spirit make the forest a colorful space.


16:25 | Sergey Prokofyev | Best of Earth Nominee

In a labyrinth, we fall under the visual impact of a particular configuration of space, which it is impossible to get out of, being stuck in the disorientation affect. We switch to a subjective perception of life.

The film represents an attempt to combine the architectural fantasy of a labyrinth and the visual experience of walking through over time.


60:00m | Michael Saul | Best of Earth Nominee

James Hood’s Beautifica is a celebration of life! This immersive visual music fulldome experience is brought to you by the creators of the award-winning fulldome show Mesmerica. Mixed in 7.0 surround sound, this magical synergy of uplifting music and stunning visuals, has been designed to transport the audience into an altered sense of time and space.

The inspiring music, created and performed by musician, James Hood, accompanies the visuals under the direction of Michael Saul, with animations and art created by artists from around the world, this film invokes and inspires a deep sense of awe and gratitude.

Enter the world of Beautifica... and celebrate being alive!

Sunday 5 December

Session 4—Families: 5.30pm 

In the Land of the Flabby Schnook

6:08m | Francis Gelinas | Best of Earth Nominee

A little brother asks his big sister how she man-aged to stop being afraid of the dark. She draws him into a succession of dreamlike tableaus where everything comes alive and through which the little brother learns to confront his own fears.

In the Land of the Flabby Schnook is a contemplative film in which the viewer discovers a magical place through the eyes of the protagonists.

Magic Globe - A story of the Seasons

38:00m | Ligowski Maciej

On vacation at her grandpa’s, a little girl Mia accidentally discovers a mysterious piece of astronomical machinery. Edek, Mia’s eccentric uncle, tricks the girl into using the tool’s secret powers to change the world’s seasons. She quickly realizes the consequences of what they are going to do, but Edek doesn’t want to let the plan go.

Star Dreaming

44:37m | Perun Bonser

A magical odyssey through time and space, by two children as they explore the mysteries of the Universe through from the world’s oldest living culture and its largest radio telescope.

Sunday 5 December

Session 5—Art v Science: 7.30pm


08:00m |  Zhang Weidi | Best of Earth Nominee

In Astro, our earth, the only astronomical object is known to harbor life, is unfolded through the lens of an intelligent being in outer space. As it rotates lens to zoom in and out, the journey of observation brings the multi-scale discoveries of ecological changes and machinic visions with an artistic imagination: from a vast forest where the flames roar into the wild creatures to the melting iceberg revealing hidden information, from the diagrams of ancient pseudoscience (astrology) to the latent walk of AI’s generation, from the data-driven landscape to the algorithmic generative visuals, from climate change to the creature’s migration.

New World

10:00m | Natalia Oliwiak  Best of Earth Nominee

New World - a sensory movie being sort of an urban/natural diptych juxtaposing two worlds: a modern metropolis and painterly landscapes. The show demonstrates the problem of sensory overloads to which city dwellers are exposed, as well as the need for remaining in touch with nature. Through spherical recordings, the viewer is absorbed into a metropolitan space that overwhelms with its enormity, encloses within the limits of tall buildings and puts into the framework of a street network. Ever-faster changing images, increasing noises, cars and crowds of people evoke anxiety and the desire to escape from the urban world in order to seek solace and tranquillity in the surroundings of wild nature.

Ayahuasca Kosmic Journey Dome Experience

20:00m | Jan Kounen | Best of Earth Nominee

A visionary experience through the realms of the medicinal plants, led by indigenous Shipibo traditional healer in the amazon rainforest.


05:30m | Janire Najera | Best of Earth Nominee

Spatially separated but socially connected. This fulldome film takes us on a journey through fragments of life across the human and natural worlds highlighting our connections and the challenges of interrelated networks.


12:00m | Martin Kusch | Best of Earth Nominee

The immersive film “site-inflexion" invites visitors to take part in a site-specific virtual and acoustic journey. Acoustic parameters manifest in visual distortions, allowing users to experience the spatiality of sound through a multi-sensory perception of our (urban) environment. A tangible 360° composition that reveals the inextricable interconnectedness of space and sound.


3:00m | Robert Daniel | Best of Earth Nominee

Come along on a journey to explore a very well-known flower. This short film shows where it originates and how it grows using timelapse footage and animation.

Living Worlds

26:00m | Ryan Wyatt | Best of Earth Nominee

This show explores how life and our planet have evolved together, and how that informs our search for life elsewhere—in our solar system and beyond. Unlock the secrets of spectroscopy, visit ancient Earth, and dive underneath the icy crust of Saturn’s moon Enceladus in search of the fingerprints of life. Then imagine how Earth might join the ranks of the civilizations that endure for millennia.

Sunday 5 December

Session 6—Art: 9.30pm

SUPREMATISM. The day before

06:00m | Sergey Prokofyev | Best of Earth Nominee

The last futuristic exhibition of paintings 0.10” featured 36 works by Kazimir Malevich. Suprematism was presented as a new direction.
This short-length film is the architectural and visual experiment in the creation of the spatial compositions based on the suprematic paintings from the exhibition “0,10.

Uninhabited Memories

04:00m | Juan Rubiano | Best of Earth Nominee

A trip to the memories somebody has been avoiding on self-defense.
Uninhabited memories: Look inside where there is nothing to look around. Where do we look at when everything turns around conflicts, emotional struggles, lockdowns, heartbreaks and uncertainty? Music seems to be a resource to look through that we do not want to, Music that flashes us back in memories promises a better atmosphere but there is a price to pay: those will not be always the expected ones. Thoughts, experiences, objects, feelings, desires, impressions and convergency as dopamine generator. The emptiness of a brain full of uninhabited thoughts.

In the noise dome

3:44m | Paul Fletcher

A thorough drenching of light and sound, colour and form, noise and signals, in constantly changing forms synthesizing and traversing a wide range of moods and styles.

A toothless Grin

05:00m | Kristin Jakubek | Best of Earth Nominee

A toothless Grin' references the idea of a void as an uneasy feeling of emptiness in our everyday lives, which is in part caused by constant digital media consumption and a corresponding, increasing alienation from the natural world. The film explores how 'the digital' has been shaping our relation to nature, its representation and how it is experienced by humans. The natural world becomes increasingly mechanised and finally, fully abstracted as computer generated images produced through generative machine learning networks (GAN).

Dome Under Festival Awards Ceremony (10m)

FLOW: Visions of Time

57:00m | Rocco Helmchen & Johannes Kraas | Best of Earth Nominee

Time always surrounds us, yet it is so intangible and abstract. This show tries to get closer to this mysterious force, observing and exploring its symbols, ideas and notions by weaving them together with music and sound in an entertaining and thought provoking way. The result is a non-narrative fulldome arts and music film in the shape of an immersive audiovisual concept album.

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