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Join us for an after-hours event series at Scienceworks for thinkers, makers, stargazers and creators.

Come along, grab a drink and ignite your mind at these exciting 18+ events.

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Yuri's Night

Saturday 14 April

April 12 marks the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin who, in 1961, was the first human launched into space.  Since then we've gone further than our ancestors could have dreamed.

Launch yourself into a night of discovery with DJs, drinks and space exploration.

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Yuri's Night


Discover the Night Sky

Thursday 3, 10, 17, 24 May

Explore the wonders of the Universe in the Melbourne Planetarium with astronomer Dr Tanya Hill.

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Space with stars visible and a nebula – clouds of colourful gas
Thor’s Helmet Nebula, also known as NGC 2359, is found in the constellation of Canis Major (The Great Dog). ESO/B. Bailleul The helmet-shaped nebula is around 15 000 light-years away from Earth and is over 30 light-years across. The helmet is a cosmic bubble, blown as the wind from the bright, massive star near the bubble's centre sweeps through the surrounding molecular cloud.
Source: NASA


Past events

Valentine's under the stars

Tuesday 13 February
Wednesday 14 February

Take your seat at the centre of the universe to uncover the mysteries and mythologies written in the stars that have filled lovers with wonder and awe for thousands of years.

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Midnight Moon - total lunar eclipse viewing

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Join us at Melbourne Planetarium to experience this grand astronomical event and be guided on your journey by astronomer Dr Tanya Hill.


Best of The Laborastory

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Scienceworks hosts the best of The Laborastory 2017, a night where science meets storytelling in the surrounds of our fulldome planetarium.

Environmental Film Festival Australia

Saturday 14 October 2017

Discover ground-breaking films that explore the relationship between humans and their environments, challenging the way people think about the natural world.

AstroLight Festival

Saturday 23 September 2017

Join forces with experts, artists and performers for a night starring astronomy and light.  Featuring talks and the latest research, art installations, demonstrations, field of telescopes, Lightning Room and Planetarium shows, workshops and more.

In Conversation with Astronauts

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Astronomer Dr Tanya Hill will be in conversation with Astronaut Dominic 'Tony' Antonelli and Cosmonaut Dumitru Dorin Prunariu. Tony and Dumitru will share their unique experience and perspective from living and working in space.

Listening to the Universe

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Tune into the incredible sounds, sights and stories of the Universe in a live Planetarium experience drawing on Western and Indigenous astronomy and cosmology. Animations by Isobel Knowles, sound by Camilla Hannan. In partnership with ABC Radio National.

Night Light

Friday 18 August 2017

As darkness falls, experience the illuminating effects of light as Scienceworks opens late for night owls to enjoy the new interactive exhibition, LightTime.

Melbourne International Film Festival

Saturday 5 & 12 August 2017

Launch yourself into an immersive full-dome film showcase in the Planetarium for a truly unique cinematic experience. 

Discover the Night Sky

Thursday 3, 10, 17 & 24 August 2017

Take your seat at the centre of the Universe for a season of illuminating astronomy classes in the Planetarium with our astronomer, Dr Tanya Hill.